Environmental Policy

Since the day we opened our first hotel, we have been operating as an environmentally friendly business. Our commitments regarding environmental awareness;
We follow all legal regulations related to the environment in our country and fulfill our responsibilities.

While improving our service quality, we also make improvements to minimize the consumption of natural resources by measuring the use of our natural resources.

In accordance with our waste management policy, we prefer recyclable products that can be used, and we dispose of our waste in a way that does not harm the environment.

We cooperate with local governments and environmental organizations and play an active role in the production and management of environmental protection projects.

In order to contribute to the development of our region and attract more guests, we inform our guests about the geographical, historical, and cultural riches of our environment.

We mostly procure our needs from local suppliers, and we prefer to work with suppliers who have environmental policies and practices.

We make donations to environmental associations, foundations, and conservation unions so that our environmental protection activities reach wider circles.

It is very important for our business to ensure the participation of our employees and guests and to evaluate their suggestions in order to continuously improve our facilities in environmental protection.